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Our Online Store is designed for your convenience. We can ship or have you get curbside delivery from our clinic. Most our products come with en educational training video training link.

Bubble Breather™

Designed by Dr. Anthony Cuomo, Pulmonologist. The Bubble Breather™ (patent pending) is a device that is used for our patients with COPD. COPD is an obstructive disease which causes over inflation and trapped air. This device uses a gentle back pressure to empty the trapped air in your lungs, restore the function of the diaphragm and reduces shortness of breath. A training video comes with this product.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

The healing powers of salt have been known for centuries. And now you can enjoy the benefits of salt inhalation to reduce congestion, mucus, allergies and lung infection. Salt is a natural antibiotic, killing a multitude of germs, bacteria and virus particles. A training handout comes with this product.

Oxygen Pendant – $25

The Oxymizer Pendant is a special oxygen nasal cannula that can be used to increase oxygen flow with your tank or concentrator. The pendant will provide 100% oxygen, compared to 93% from your normal nasal cannula. It will also help you reduce the liter flow on your tank or concentrator. A training handout comes with this product.

Sore No More! – 2 oz.

Sore No More is a fast-acting pain-relieving lotion that begins to work immediately once massaged into the affected area. It is a special blend of 6 natural plant extracts combined with menthol, capsaicin and witch hazel.

CBD for Pain Relief: Randy’s Remedy

We carry CBD products by Randy’s Remedy, developed by Dr. Linda Strause, professor of Human Nutrition at UCSD and clinical research professional. Randy’s Remedy products are produced with full spectrum hemp extract and formulated for the highest grade of bio-accessible cannabinoids. CBD can reduce pain, promote healing and enhance cell vitality.

Science Behind Randy’s Remedy

RR Everyday Lotion
1.7 oz – $17.99

RR Extra Strength Lotion
1.7 oz – $30

RR Oral Tincture
1 oz – $44.99

Back Brace – $14.99

The Back Brace is used in our clinic with our patients. It is fully adjustable and strong, but comfortable. This brace can help you improve your posture by training your upper back muscles and spine to remain in alignment.

KT Tape – $20

Kineseology Therapeutic tape (KT Tape) is used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints and other tendons/ligaments. It reduces swelling, increases mobility and enhances recovery. We use KT tape extensively in the clinic and train our patients how to apply the KT tape effectively.